Created in the Image of God

“How could you think that?”
“Don’t get me started!”
“Are you an idiot?”
Our current political climate can make it difficult to communicate.  One must choose one’s words very carefully for fear of offending.  We live in an era where complete strangers dig through the archives of one’s life in order to find the smallest of antisocial morsels in order to be flaunted.  The tension in the public square is prone to make many clam-up.  Standing for what one believes is becoming harder than ever.
Of course, our stance on political issues reflects greatly on our worldview and what we believe.  There are certain topics that transcend the bounds of pure political rhetoric and spill over into the world of right and wrong.
Abortion is one such issue.
We can debate over the way in which government operates.  We can quibble about tax rates.  We can differ when it comes to immigration policy.  But to hash out the value of human life right at the outset?  This, to me, smacks of something unalienable, something basic, something self-evident. Of course, we ought to value life.  Of course, we ought to protect the most vulnerable among us…right?
Nobody claims to be pro-abortion.  It is seen as a last option.  A way out of a tough situation.  We re-categorize the child as a “fetus”.  We say it is not viable.  We question their quality of life. We say it is a woman’s choice.
However we play with semantics, we cannot escape the fact that abortion ends a life.  No life has ever come to be without a period of gestation.  Every human alive today began as a zygote.  Any lines of demarcation we try to put on a baby’s development are ultimately arbitrary.  We try to say a life is a life once it has a heart beat or brain waves or once it can feel pain or once it has fingers and toes.  All of these stages do occur and that, in and of itself, constitutes life.  A dead thing does not progress into a living thing.  A baby, no matter how early, already possesses whatever it is that we might call life.  And this is
human life we are describing.  There is no possibility that the product from the womb of a human mother will be anything else.
The bottom line of the whole issue is this: Humanity has been created in the image of God.  Our lives are not our own.  We all find our origin in the very hand of God.  Far be it from us to terminate something so sacred and priceless.  Abortion is a societal evil.  We can call it by other names to try to soften the blow, but we cannot account for the fact that human life, formed in the very image of God, is being extinguished every day in our country. 
If anyone reading this has had or been involved with an abortion, you know all too well that this is more than just an issue to be debated.  Our decisions have far-reaching consequences.  Please know that, by God’s grace, through Jesus, we do not stand condemned.  We can be forgiven!  No one’s past determines their future, and the love of God can overwhelm any regret or brokenness we might experience.
Laws may pass and the supreme court may issue decisions.  But laws can be altered, and decisions can be reversed.  What will never change is the objective value of human life and the immorality of purposefully taking it.   
We can stand strong on what we know to be true.  We can be brave enough to broach the subject with friends and neighbors.  We can be bold in our declaration and stand up to make our position known. It is easy to talk about the weather or the game of whatever team played last, it is easy to let challenging issues blow by.  Who wants to be divisive?  We are called, however, to interject the truth of our worldview into the cultural conversation.  We are called to show how and why our faith bears on a subject.  We are called to show the world a better way.                         

One Response to “Created in the Image of God”

  1. Teresa Gruber says:

    Well……..I agree with the UMW position that abortions need to be rare-but safe, so women may get needed medical care. this reads as if medical reasons that endanger a mother’s life are just semantics …. but that mothers life is equally valued. sorry to disagree, but the complexity is nicely summed in the book of discipline that we need to value the sacredness of the woman’s life too.