My wife and I are kind of enthralled by tattoos, or at least the idea of them. Tattoos can be a very impressive art form. Typically a tattoo represents a deeper meaning and reflects something that is important to the one who wears the ink. I will never get a tattoo. I am too scared. Not of needles or the pain of application, but because of permanence. I am afraid that I will get tired of displaying the same image for the rest of my life. I suspect that is why so many people get multiple tattoos…we all need variety.  Plus I am a cheapskate, so the amount I’m willing to pay will probably land me and my clear skin with the new guy who shakes when he’s nervous.


Security in Hesed

“Remember, O Lord, your great mercy and loving-kindness, for they are from of old.” -Psalm 25:5

I’m at Bible camp this week. You should go. It is a way for me to reconnect with how I really want to live. It helps me get set back on track. I know you don’t need Bible camp to do that, but in reality, we just don’t unless we schedule something like this. Usually we just tell ourselves we don’t have to go to camp (or some other retreat or way of spiritual reawakening), that we can do it in far easier and less expensive (time-wise, that is) ways, and that we will do something else instead…and then, we don’t. Am I wrong? It’s true for me. So, I schedule myself Bible camp on purpose. It’s surprising all the great reasons that come up for me not to actually go. But now that I’m here, I’m so thankful I came.



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