The Shattering Effect

Mistakes…we all make ‘em.
I am in the process of trying like mad to earn my Master of Divinity degree from Bethel Seminary.  As you can imagine, it is a lot of work in and of itself. Life is made just a little bit harder to live when you are wading knee deep through Greek.  I have no gift for language…at least Greek has taught me something.
I just finisSmashedPothed off what I thought would be a smashing success of a semester.  I turned in all my weekly assignments on time and even managed to top it all off with an extra credit paper.  I approached the final exam with some frayed nerves, but I knew my stellar performance throughout the rest of the class would carry me through.  I finished my final and submitted it online with some confidence, just to find out that I had turned it in 14 hours late!
Not good, but don’t panic.”


Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Go to Worship (Part 2)

Reason #5: It can be hard to make relationships at church.

It has become so difficult for us as people to make and build relationships with others. This is also true at church. Lately, however, many churches are recovering their mission to reach out to others. We’re getting better at this. As we should: this is also mandated in Scripture! Loving one another means making room. It also means that if you go to worship, you need to try to build relationships, too. Every conversation requires two participating partners.

Reason #4: Too busy for real fellowship.

We like the idea of a small group, we say we ought to do it more, but then we don’t actually carve out the time it takes to make it happen. We are just too busy! Be careful! This is excuse-making. When we prioritize our time, we foolishly push group time aside. The immediate consequences are not significant, but over time, it’s devastating. Anything worthwhile takes time.



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