What does Christmas mean to you?

In the secular world, Christmas seems to be a largely commercial enterprise. At its best, Christmas is about generosity and the importance of family. At its worst, it is a credit card debit and angry fights at the dinner table.
For a Christian, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, here on earth some 2000 years ago. At its best, Christmas is a time of reflection and praise to a God who sent his son to be born. At its worst, it is a credit card debit and angry fights at the dinner table
We so often forget the importance of the holiday. Christmas is something that is relevant and real to our lives right now. Christmas is not just something that happened long ago. Christmas happens each year as a way for us to remember what happened when Jesus was born; that at Christmas, God became fully human and was born a weak infant in a lowly manger, in order to meet us where we were.
The Bible says that Jesus is like us in every way possible. “For this reason he had to be made like us, “fully human in every way” (Hebrews 2:17a). Jesus’ complete humanity is important for us to understand what God is doing through  Christmas. By becoming man, Jesus affirms that we’re not just another creature; we are his beloved masterwork. Jesus came to model holiness, to show us what it really means to be holy. “Holy” in Hebrew means to be anointed or set apart. To be set apart and live a life pleasing to God. Jesus being human gave us an example to live by.  In becoming a human being, Jesus laid aside His heavenly glory to live among us.


Sex and Marriage: Try Before You Buy!

One of the most common beliefs I hear about new relationships is the “try before you buy” approach. Oftentimes, the reasoning goes, people have gotten married and then found out that they just couldn’t stand their spouse. Or, they found out that they just weren’t compatible. They ended up in divorce. So, to be smarter, live together first and see if it works. Then, if it seems to work, they consider marriage. In fact, I just read a recent article that the new trend is to get engaged, but never actually get married. Move in together, add a ring, but don’t get married. Same goes for sex. People say they want to experience all of the relationship (including sex) before marriage to see if they are compatible. Sex is separated from marriage. Right off the bat, this has nothing really to do with sex itself. All people are physically compatible sex partners. Every single sex expert says that bodies adapt to the partner.



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