Summer Goals

The school year has come to a close for the most of the teens, meaning it’s SUMMER TIME! For most teens this means its a time for sleeping in, hanging out and binge watching shows. But when it comes to your spiritual lives it starts to look like the dusty backpack in the corner of of your rooms.

During the summer, youth group takes a break and vacations make church attendance hit or miss. Without a weekly connection to your church community, the focus on spiritual growth starts to fade.

Throughout the school year, youth group and church gives the youth a place to grow and dig deep into their relationship with Christ. It’s a place where they learn, ask questions and encourage one another. Then summer starts and that all goes away.

So how can you stay connected?


Does God’s Way Allow Sex Outside of Marriage? The New Testament (Part 2)

So, the New Testament (NT) frames sex from the perspective of what is best for people. It goes something like this: God created sex to bless people. God’s plan for sex is the best for people. When people follow God’s plan for sex, they experience God’s intention for sex.

The NT also frames sex in terms of God’s better plan. It goes something like this: God created a plan of life for people. God’s plan of life for people is the best life for people. When people follow God’s plan, they experience the full blessing of God in their lives. Doing sex God’s way is part of God’s plan for life for people.



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