Pentecost Power!

Pentecost was an incredible event that occurred in Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago.  God unleashed his Holy Spirit upon those who were Jesus’ disciples.  They boldly proclaimed the truth that Jesus was the Son of God.  They told their audience (the Jewish people), that they were nothing short of guilty for killing Jesus and they exalted Jesus as Lord and King.

The people who were gathered were from all across the known world.  They each had their tribe and language and yet God’s Spirit enable each person to hear the message in their native tongue.

The results were astounding! The people were convicted.  They were ready to repent.  They accepted the message; both their guilt and their forgiveness.  They were baptized and 3,000 became followers of Jesus that day.  You can read about it in Acts 2.




Why, you ask. You are courageous for following Christ. Deciding to follow Christ and continuing to follow him throughout your life is brave. Maybe you don’t feel like it takes a lot of bravery in our little part of suburban America but, you would be wrong.

Faith in God is courageous in and of itself. First. you have decided to follow a God you cannot see; then practice teachings outside of today’s modern norms. All of this takes bravery.

Each day we put a trust in God with our lives. Author Gretchen Fleming states, “Courage is acting like “God’s got this!” even before it looks that way. It is stepping out to follow when you really don’t know how things will actually turn out.”

Now that you know you are already brave, how does that change your perspective of your faith journey?



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