To Let Go

I lay there wide-eyed, I should be sleeping but instead my mind is whirling, visions of speeding cars and the sound of crunching metal fill my ears. The thoughts are going faster than I can track them. Normally, I am not one to worry, but anxiety has it’s hold on me with this one. I spend a few nights a week unable to sleep, focused on just one thing, my child will be driving soon.

Now if this story w

as from this past week it may make more sense, since she turns 15 soon, but sadly this story started when she was 12. It just happened one night I went to bed without a worry and the next I was in a panic about the future.

I was losing sleep, this made me crabby and distant the next day. I was so busy worrying about a her future that I was missing out on her present.


Does God’s Way Allow Sex Outside of Marriage? The Bible’s Teaching

After a couple of blogs setting up the role of the Bible in guiding how we live for Jesus, we now are positioned to better tackle the question of sex outside of marriage. Remember, we begin by listening to Scripture rather than hoping Scripture will say what we want it to say! The Bible will guide us, but we have to receive it as words of life!



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