Sex Outside of Marriage Part 2

The question was (and often is) put to me this way, “Does the Bible prohibit sex outside of marriage?” Or, I hear it another way, “Does the Bible (or God) allow sex outside of marriage?”

The question is innocent enough, but I find it helpful to flush out the question behind the question. Sometimes people ask the question from a biased starting point. Often, I discover that what people ask me is really, “Is there a way for me to still do what I want?” The starting point for some is even, “I want to have sex outside of marriage, and I am looking for a way for the Bible to tell me I can.”


Finding the Perfect Gift

As a procrastinator, I have been having many conversations with my wife as of late about what we have or have not yet purchased for Christmas gifts.  The list is shorter than it was, but much remains to be accomplished, and time is beginning to become a factor.  The scapegoat of gift cards looms in my mind as a wonderful, stress-free option.  You don’t even have to wrap those! I realize that a gift ought to be thoughtful and hold some kind of meaning, but, in the end, you hope that the recipient would at least want the gift you are giving them. 

And so we shop, and browse and hunt for deals and then do it all again at another store.  And why do we do it?  Why do we give gifts this time of year?  Because it makes us feel good?  Because we know we will be getting something in return?  Because this is what people do for Christmas?



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