Does God’s Way Allow Sex Outside of Marriage?

Does God’s Way Allow Sex Outside of Marriage? Beginnings

I have met my goal! I’ve answered to the best of my ability at this time the questions posed to me by teens about God’s existence and why Jesus is the only way of salvation. It took me 13 blogs!! If you are still reading these, you have amazing stamina!

But questions keep coming. I will continue to try to answer them to the best of my ability. This next one is also going to take me a while to answer!

A teen asked me, “Sex before marriage: is the Bible clearly against sex [before marriage] both in the New Testament and in the Old? There are not a ton of passages about it in the Bible, but it is such a big issue in our culture right now.”


A Parable on Prayer

Jesus was a great teacher especially when you think about the eternal and heavenly truths he was trying to teach!  How do you help people learn and understand that which their minds are incapable of understanding? Well, like God always does, he meets us where we are at and begins there.  Jesus did this by telling stories.  He expounded divine mysteries through the simplicity of a story.  Here is one of them:
Imagine it’s the middle of the night, you are just about ready to turn in for the night when you hear the doorbell ring.  Puzzled and maybe a bit annoyed you answer the door to find an old friend standing on the stoop.  You welcome him warmly inside and take his coat.  You quickly fall into conversation. 



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