Jesus: The Only Way of Salvation, Part 2

Jesus, the ONLY Way of Salvation: Part 2

Sorry for the delay in this next blog! Fall is busy!!

Over the summer, I’ve been trying to answer some of the core questions I’ve been asked by youth. I continue to do that now in the fall.

Last blog, I started to answer the question, “Why Jesus? Why for Christians is Jesus the one and only way of salvation?”  For me, there are four arguments that validate the orthodox Christian position that salvation comes only through professed faith in Jesus Christ.

  1. The first is the witness from Scripture. This was the main content of my last blog. This time, I take up the next. 
  2. The second load-bearing argument for me is the Christological argument. This argument holds that only Jesus is ABLE to save, because of His unique person and two full natures. This argument starts from the utter reality of sin’s ugliness. Any claims that demote Jesus’ unique ability to save come from a demoting of sin’s reality. Christianity takes an honest stance on human sin and corruptness. I don’t have room to discuss the reality of sin. A cursory look at most religions before Christ demonstrate that religious people realized that human sacrifice was the only adequate payment for human sin. Sin is ugly, and total, and complete. There is no way out.  Religion is the way out from the human trap to evil and sin. Religions offered sacrifices (blood atonement) in place of the death we deserve.


Jesus, the ONLY Way of Salvation

Why Jesus? Why is Jesus the 
way of Salvation?


So, we come now to one of the most common and urgent questions of our day. Why do Christians claim that Jesus is the 


way of salvation? 

Mind you, there are many Christians who claim that He is not the only way of salvation. Some Christians claim that God somehow saves people through Jesus, even though those people don’t pledge commitment to Jesus, or even know Jesus. God applies the salvation Jesus won, but the people don’t have to profess salvation in Jesus. They would argue that God did this for all people who lived before Jesus’ time on earth, such as Abraham. They would also argue that people who never had opportunity to hear about Jesus could also be saved based on their faith in God of what they did know. Others (many!) would argue that Jesus is a path of salvation for some, but not for everyone. There are other paths of salvation, but for Christians it is Jesus.

Standard and historical Christianity (what we call “orthodoxy”) asserts that salvation only comes through Jesus. Acts 4:12 says about Jesus, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved” (NIV). Or again, Jesus plainly says, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).

For me, there are four arguments that validate this orthodox Christian position that Salvation comes only through professed faith in Jesus Christ.



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