Christ My Co-Pilot

I’ve been sharing a lot about the rational arguments for God in my recent posts. Yet for me, ultimately, putting my trust in God was not a rational decision. It was a leap of faith.

There came a point in my personal life that I had to make a personal surrender to Jesus. Even though I have shared so much learning in my previous blogs this summer, when it comes right down to it, God is not something you learn. Jesus is not simply a cognitive idea. Faith is far more than a set of beliefs. God is a person, someone you learn to live 

with and for

, someone you experience and grow with. I have come to experience personally that our God is not an idea that merely engages the mind, but that He is a real being who engages your whole person. This God I keep talking about is someone I have personally met, and have experienced vividly in my own life, and is someone with whom I have a personal, ongoing relationship.
Let me tell you I came to know Him.


God in Three Persons?

Anyone who takes their faith seriously struggles with many aspects of belief in God.  Anyone who reads the Bible with thoughtfulness will often run into confusion.  It’s what happens when a finite mind tries to comprehend the infinite God.  Among the most confusing doctrines Christianity has to offer is that of the Trinity.  God as three-in-one.  One God, three persons. 

“So you worship three Gods?”

No, no, God is one, there is only one God. 

“So Jesus was not really God then?” 

No, no, Jesus was and is God, and the Holy Spirit is God and there is still only one God. 



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