Extra Room

Have you ever wanted to feel guilty about the state of your immediate surroundings?
Do you think contentment should remain an unreachable ideal?
Does a part of you prefer to spend time with finicky, whiny people?
How about money? Do you want to get rid of yours?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, simply change the channel to HGTV where you will be inundated with creative, smiley people buying, selling, fixing and upgrading other people’s homes.  Each episode is a journey into a litany of the homeowner’s desires and the creative output of the designer.  The transformations are amazing and the show always ends with the emotional reveal in which people cover their gaping mouths and wipe away tears of joy.  Smiles and hugs all around.


Apologetics 2 Christian Faith – A Leap

This blog continues the previous blog. I am committing to a summer of apologetics, responding to questions young adults have asked me. Before I tackle individual questions, I lay a foundation for why Christian faith, although reasonable, ultimately does not rest on logical explanations of faith. To continue, then . . .
Of course what I have been explaining is taught in Scripture (or else I wouldn’t have bothered!). Jesus comes to the first disciples and says to them “follow me.” Their decision indeed included critical thinking, but I believe that if that were all they used, they would have reasoned it best NOT to follow. Instead they each took a leap of commitment and placed their allegiance to Jesus. Notice that this was well before they had any real or deep understanding of Jesus or His plan of salvation. Their commitment was a personal commitment to Jesus–not to any ideas or beliefs or understandings, but to a person. Or look at the people of whom Jesus said, “your sins are forgiven.” Each of these people didn’t profess any understanding, but instead demonstrated a trust. Look closely at Scripture wherever it says that people must believe in Jesus to be saved (obvious example, John 



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