Apologetics 1

Apologetics 1: Faith Is Not Critical Thinking


I have been talking with students this spring, and they are asking some pretty good questions about the Christian faith. I’m going to attempt, in my blogs over the summer, to address some of these questions in written response. This is called, in Christian history, as 


 It doesn’t mean that we apologize for our faith. It means that we offer reasonable defense of our faith that explains to non-Christians why we believe what we believe. Although there are so many better Christian apologists available to folks, I will offer my perspective. Yet I will begin with my belief that faith, although supported by critical thinking, is still a commitment of the will. I will write in the first person, as if I am speaking to someone about this. To God be the glory!


From Drooling Creatures…

It’s summertime!  You can taste the late nights and the days filled with outdoor relaxation.  All the cares in the world melt away in the beautiful weather and stress seems but a distant memory…if you are a kid!  The rest of us have jobs to maintain, lawns to upkeep…even vacation planning is laborious.  And how easy is it to throw together a graduation party?  The picture boards alone must require a yeoman’s effort.  But still, we treasure the extra time we can spend with family.  We hang onto summer because we know that September is coming and with it the proof that life as we know it is slowly coming to an end.  With each passing year, our kids advance a grade, become a little older and we must stand by and watch it all happen.



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