The Original Superman

In some circles, idle conversation may delve into the fictional world of superheroes.  Hollywood has helped to make this modern mythology a present force in most of our lives.  From their earliest days, boys growl like the Hulk while imaginary claws emanate from their knuckles as they fly around the living room imagining that they are the superest hero of all.  Superpowers are simply fun to have, why should we have to choose just one?


Hopeful Idiots

Certainly in our day and age, Christianity has fallen to the wayside.  Just a generation or so ago, church attendance was expected and normal.  Kids grew up in a religious environment and were familiar with the basic tenants of the Gospel.  But membership in a church does not a Christian make.  The overriding secularization of just about everything (including many churches) reveals that the Christian voice has become easily dismissed and moreover, that many voices who claim to be Christian areā€¦not so much.
In short, the world perceives us as hopeful idiots.  We have a good story to tell, but just a story nonetheless.  And so we wander around surrounded by a world of humanitarian secularism and altruistic do-goodery.  



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