Sweet Smelling Sacrifice

Scent is among our more underrated senses.  It is just not as flashy or concrete as the others.  We can make things with our hands and we need to put food in our mouths in order to survive.  As one who wears glasses, I can appreciate the multiple function of our ears, and our eyes get to be the windows to our souls right?  Noses are a little weird.  Most people end up complaining about the size of theirs and while they do work with the ears in the glasses department, a nose is really just a mass of cartilage that houses a couple of holes in our face. 


…a bit off

Have you ever seen something that seemed off?


Matthew 11 records an interesting story about Jesus.  In this account Jesus seems to be a bit off.  One might say he is harsh, certainly annoyed and well, we just don’t expect that from Jesus.  One thing is for certain, Jesus was hungry (v.12).  He is pleased to see a fig tree in the distance and fancies that he can grab a morsel to eat as he and his disciples proceed to Jerusalem.  Upon reaching the tree, Jesus finds plenty of leafy branches, but no actual fruit. Here one might expect Jesus to touch the trunk of the tree causing a miracle crop of plump figs for everybody!   It is crucial to understand as well that figs were not in season at the time.  There was no defect in the tree per se, Jesus was just expecting fruit a little too early. Jesus is surely familiar with harvesting seasons but instead of shrugging his shoulders and moving on, Jesus brings down a curse upon the tree.  The next day the disciples notice that the then leafy fig tree was basically reduced to driftwood from the ground up.  Jesus had effectively killed it.




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