Music to Your Ears

I love music.  I listen to all kinds of music. I do my best to play music. And I love to experience live music.  Really music is nothing more than different sounds created by different instruments that come together in what we call a song.  Music theorists try to notate these sounds and capture the feel of a song on paper but it isn’t until the music is heard that it becomes effective.
I can take any song out there, boil it down to some simple chords and strum it out for anyone to hear, but this certainly only presents a very specific flavor to the music. 


What is prayer all about?

“God will do nothing but in answer to prayer.”  -John Wesley


Prayer is one of those Christian blessings that I cannot fully grasp. What I do know is that in a basic sense, prayer is simply visiting with God. As Christians we have the amazing joy of an intimate, personal relationship with God. It is so personal that we can talk with God on a one-to-one basis, just as we talk with any other person. 

Yet there are parts of prayer that I find difficult to grasp. For starters, it’s hard to talk to someone who doesn’t talk back. God usually speaks to the heart rather than to the ear, and speaks through others, but I have to be careful not to let my prayer time become lectures (in which I do all the talking and God does all the listening)! Good prayer time needs to incorporate time for listening, too.

Since my kids have been little, we prayed faithfully before each meal, upon going to bed at night, and if there is a serious need (one time I overheard my daughter pray that God would “help Daddy not be so crabby”)! One time my son asked me why God never talks back. Then he asked me why he can’t see God. One time my daughter asked me what color hair God had.  (Hmmm….the pastor was stumped by a 3 year old!). I told her that when she dies, she’ll get to go to heaven and see God “face to face”



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