Harvesting by Hand

A few blogs ago I ruminated on the call of Jesus to be “fishers of men”.  A sort of strange idea that initiated the call for disciples to leave it all and follow him.  After much healing and teaching, Jesus enters into the next phase of ministry (see Luke 9).  He teams up his disciples and sends them to the outlying villages to do two things: preach and heal.  In the next chapter, Jesus doubles down on his plan and sends out 72 followers in pairs to do the same thing.  All of this traveling, this homeless lifestyle, this surrender of comforts is for the sole purpose of proclaiming that the Kingdom of God is near (v. 9,11).  They healed the sick and cast out demons.  They proclaimed peace AND judgement.  They returned from their efforts with joy. 

                In this iteration of the mission, we have moved off of the water and have become harvesters in the field.  Jesus tells his disciples that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. 


Living Life to the Wholest


Technological progress is always on the move.  We have advanced ways of doing just about everything.  Life is easier, more convenient and we experience less hardship thanks to the wonders of technology.  Strides made in the field of medicine are among our greatest advances.  We have ways to extend life as well as increase its quality. 

No matter how far we progress or what planet we might end up living on, two factors will always remain: Death and God.

Well this is a cheery post isn’t it? 



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