The Reality of Easter

The Reality of Easter   This past Easter Sunday was a glorious celebration of new life and victory.  We left our churches inspired and re-energized in our faith.  Then we turned on the TV or listened to the radio.  News of what had occurred in Sri Lanka stunned our sense of joy. Three churches were targeted and nearly three hundred innocent Christians were killed.  The coordinated attack involved six suicide bombers.  David Curry, CEO of Open Doors USA said that the attacks were “planned on Easter to strike fear in the hearts of Christians.”
But you see, the main problem for a terrorist is that Easter and fear do not mix.
Like light in a dark room, the victory of Easter drives out all fear.  It is not just a fairy tale that we perpetuate, or some kind of wishful thinking.  In the first century a real man was crucified on a real cross and really buried in a tomb.  On that first Easter, that same man really rose from the grave as an unadulterated act of divine authority and power!


Discipling, No Not Disciplining, Teenagers

When we talk about parenting teenagers, our conversations run toward the issues and discipline needed for those “troublesome” years. We forget to talk about the disciplining that needs to happen during those “transformational” years. Yes, discipleship happens through all of their lives but, it is in the teen years that we start to develop patterns that follow us into our adult life. In Deuteronomy, it instructs parents to be teaching all the time. This teaching comes in many forms from role modeling, to discussions, to lessons. So what should we be teaching in each of these forms? Role modeling good spiritual growth habits to your teen is the best way to show them how easy it can be. If we don’t make our faith the number one priority in our life, why would our teens? They should see us reading our Bible, going to church, small group, doing personal devotions. Waking up before they do and getting in your personal devotion time is great (and I know there is a season for that) but, if they aren’t seeing us doing it, it didn’t happen. Another area is going to church, I LOVE to sleep, but I make it a priority to get up early on Sundays and go to church.This is showing teens, that church is important.



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