Veterans and Riots

“Love your neighbor as yourself” -Mark
I had breakfast with a number of veterans this morning. Thank you to all who served our country and gave sacrificially! Thank you for what you have done, and thank you for what you are still doing!
Yesterday it took me an hour to get to the hospital in St. Paul because of all the protesters angry about the outcome of the presidential election this week. Some claim that it was peaceful. From what I saw, it was not! There has been rioting and demonstrating in such a negative way that I-94 was closed. And the demonstrations have spread across the country. One particular hot spot is on Oregon, where explosives are being used by demonstrators! People are upset, anguished, and angry, and they have taken to the streets not just to protest, but to disrupt and to riot.


The Marshmallow Test

Years ago, Stanford University ran a series of experiments that involved preschool children and marshmallows.  Kids were individually shown into a bare room where a lone marshmallow sat to tempt them.  They were allowed to eat the treat at any time, however, they were also told that if they waited for 15 minutes, they would then receive two marshmallows.  It was a test of self-control, an inquiry into a child’s ability to delay gratification.  You can watch a funny video of how it all works


  The author of the trial, Dr. Walter Mischel, has said, “I’m not the first person to think willpower is very important. It’s been with us from the story of Adam and Eve and the loss of paradise.”



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