Godliness + Contentment = Great Gain

Even according to the most secular of minds, the Bible is an ancient book full of great wisdom.  Most people pick and choose the pieces they want to regard as wise and those they would rather discard, but as Christians, we affirm the authenticity and worth of the entire canon of Scripture.  It is not for us to comb through the Bible and lay aside teachings we do not like.  Our job is to embody and live out all aspects to the best of our oft-feeble ability.
This process of abiding by the word of God involves everyone’s favorite term: obedience. 


“Are you prepared to vote?”



I pass along to you an edited form of an excellent piece recently written by our church’s bishop. It really helps us understand better how our faith as Christians can help guide us through the election this next week. Let’s be in prayer!


Pastor David


“Are you prepared to vote?”

By Bishop Bruce R. Ough

October 18, 2016

At his installation serve in 2004, Bishop Hopkins (former bishop of the MN Conference) asked three questions:

            Do you love Jesus?

            Do you love your neighbors?

            Are you registered to vote?

Bishop Hopkins had everyone’s attention.

As people of the Methodist Way, we are called to scriptural holiness, which has both personal and societal dimensions and expressions. The question “Do you love Jesus?” is a call to vital piety. The question “Do you love your neighbors?” is a call to mission and evangelism. The question “Have you registered to vote?” is a call to advocacy and justice.


Our Methodist DNA is to be formational–“making” or shaping followers of Jesus into devoted, obedient, mature disciples. Our Methodist DNA is to be evangelical–inviting persons into a saving, grace-informed, and loving relationship with Jesus. Our Methodist DNA is to be in mission–extending abundant life to our neighbors far and near. Our Methodist DNA is to be advocates–standing with those who hunger for peace and justice, those who hunger for hope.



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