Fantasy Friends

AB blog7.26.16

The older I get, the less time I seem to posses.  I have a job.  I have a house that needs maintenance and requires chores to be done. I have bills to pay.  I have a wife ready to give birth to our fifth child. I have messes to clean, a stack of books to read, events to plan and food to eat.  Through it all I also need to make time for seeking God in prayer and Scripture.  I do not have much left for friends.    


My only point here is that time is limited.  We all have the same 24 hours, but we all make different decisions on how to use them.  The NY Daily News reports that the average American watches over 5 hours of TV a day!  Given an 8 hour work day, and 8 or so to sleep, we are left with only three precious hours for all that life has to offer.  Being that time is so limited, prioritizing is crucial.  Without priorities our relationships suffer, especially our friendships. 



Awash with Problems

ab wash2
A few years ago my wife declared to me that we were going to purchase a new washer and dryer set.  They were going to be “front-loaders”, y’know, the kind you load in the front.  She said that they were going to be expensive and heavy and that they were going to be great.  So, we went out and bought a matching pair.  Apparently, they make for cleaner clothes, they use less water and are more efficient when it comes to using detergent.
One fine afternoon, we threw in some laundry only to have this grand machine rudely beep at us.  After several attempts it became clear that something had to be done.  This enameled, basement dwelling behemoth had to be taught a lesson.  So I grabbed a screwdriver and…well, I didn’t know what to do.  So I went on Youtube to find videos pertaining to my machine which did nothing but fill me with a false sense of confident knowledge. 



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