Why is human sexuality the dominant conversation of our time?

The United Methodist Church, to which I belong and in which I serve, recently came to an impasse at its General Conference. In May, as it happens every four years, United Methodist leaders met from all over the world to set the vision, witness, and polity of the United Methodist Church. Much of the ten-day conference centered around discussing what the United Methodist Church’s stance on human sexuality was going to be officially. There seemed to be three major views expressed. One was to proclaim that the United Methodist Church openly accepts all expressions of human sexuality. Another was to not set an official policy and let each local congregation decide its view. A third was to keep the current language, that the United Methodist Church believes that “homosexuality is incompatible with the Christian lifestyle.” (United Methodist Book of Discipline)



Nothing is free.

It’s true.  Sure, something might be free to you personally, but somewhere, someway, someone has paid the bill.  This applies to everything from Christmas gifts to college tuition to the very country in which we live.  Even the vegetables you pick from the garden in your backyard are not truly free.  You may have only invested the price of a seed packet, but think of all the time and energy paid to tend, weed and water your plants.  You could even argue that the sun and soil and other natural factors paid their fair share as well.  




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