Walking Through (and Sometimes Into) Doors

Maybe you have seen the above poster before. It’s simply a compilation of various doors that can be found in the Twin Cities. This particular poster only includes front doors, but they all look very different. Because it’s a poster and ostensibly a piece of art, the featured doors are rather ornate or made from expensive materials. They look cool.


The Bliss of Denial


Maybe you’ve been there…
Maybe you too have felt the hot gaze of passersby as you struggle in vain to silence your screaming child there in the freezer section.  You begin to sweat a little. Your face flushes with anger as well as embarrassment.  Your mind races:  Why are they doing this now?  Why do they find this to be a socially acceptable reaction to disappointment?  How is it that this creature writhing on the floor is a product of my genetic material?   



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