Faithful Friends

Our household consists of myself and my wife, four kids (with one on the way), two and a half jobs, a degree to finish up and a beta fish. All of these factors add up to equal a tight budget and a tight schedule. My wife and I have to go out of our way in order to make time for family events. Nothing big: a trip to the mall, dinner at Pizza Ranch, or gathering around to play a board game. We have to force this issue. If we didn’t, we would just be people co-existing in a house together, which is not how I want my family to be defined.


Discipleship as Following

Let’s take a closer look at spiritual growth as following Jesus. Jesus called a number of His first disciples with the invitation to follow Him (Matthew 4:19, 16:24). Following means a dynamic relationship, one that included movement. These disciples physically followed Jesus around. Faith formation happened along the way rather than while sitting aside, like in a classroom setting. Jesus taught His disciples from everyday life situations, helping them grow in living situations that emerged as they lived life together. Discipleship, as I mentioned a couple of blogs ago, was an apprenticeship for a new way of living.



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