Stories to Share

Stories surround us.  Movies, books, news media and even advertisements are all telling us stories.  Some of these stories are true, some are fictitious and some are lies that purport themselves as reality.  Part of our job as people in this world is to sort through these stories and file them in their proper place.  We must decide what stories we believe and how much credence they ought to be afforded.
There are two such stories that hit us directly at the center of who we are.  These stories are often intertwined to begin with and they form the basis of our identities.  These are the stories told by our families and our faith.
We all grow up in some sort of family narrative.  Every family has a history, whether celebrated or denied.  We all find ourselves stuck onto the end of a long line of people.  We grow up knowing what they teach us and valuing what they value.  We may rebel against or diverge from this narrative as we grow into our teenage years and into adulthood, but nonetheless, we have been shaped in one way or another by our family context.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Christmas’ come and go.  We get through the hubbub of the Holidays only to discover that something was missing.  The apple pie tasted right, no gifts were mislabeled and none of the kids were accidently left at their uncle’s house.  Everyone opened their presents, spouted a “thank you” to the giver and threw it onto their ever growing pile of loot. Toys and trinkets, clothes and sporting goods were piled into the vehicle and still, there is something missing.  Where is Jesus in it all?
There is no doubt about it:  When it comes to opening presents on Christmas, it is hard to keep Jesus in focus.  We lose our minds over what we might be getting in those beautifully wrapped boxes.  It is great fun both to receive gifts and to give gifts.  It’s fun to eat dinner with family and to play outside in the snowy yard.  All of these things add to the joy of the season. 



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