Hammering Out a Story

Mythology has long fascinated mankind.  It became a way of explaining natural phenomenon and provided comfort in a vast realm of the unknown.  As natural science has continually advanced our understanding of the way things work, we have no more need of a myriad of gods and their drama.  Except of course when it comes to fulfilling our entertainment quota.  Where would we be without powerful gods with their vengeance, lust and vitriol?  Where would we be without Thor?  We need a hero who is divine.  A hero who has long flowing hair, biceps and an enchanted hammer.  In the eyes of this world, Thor is cool and, like all other gods, a fiction only good for entertainment. 


A Powerful Assembly

Admittedly, it’s been a lot of fun to peruse the Marvel Comics catalogue of characters in order to pull out some insights and applications for our journey of faith.  In some circles, comic books are considered works of art, and as with any art, we would do well to absorb it and consider what it might have to say to us.  In addition, as Christians, we filter all messages that might be preached at us through the lens of Scripture.  We hold any claims up to the Truth to see how it compares. It’s the same with novels, movies, paintings or other works of art. 



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