The Sixth Sense

Since our school-age days, we have all learned that humans posses five senses.  These senses help us navigate the world, provide information about our surroundings and more or less keep us alive.  Having all our senses intact and in working order is a blessing.  Those who lack a full array of sense information can still get along very well in life, but they face unique and complicated challenges.
Sometimes when we are out to have a little fun, we might play games with others that include a blindfold.  It is hilarious to watch someone swing furiously at a piñata or pin the tale on a donkey’s face. Once the round is over, the blindfold comes off and sight is restored.  But what would it be like to be truly blind?  Maybe we should extend our blindfold practices to include eating dinner and brushing our teeth.  Blindly engaging in the everyday activities of life might help us better understand the gift we have in our eyesight.


Being Brothers and Sisters


Ah, the X-men.
They were always my favorite conglomeration of characters within the Marvel universe.  Their back story of how they got their superpowers was the most simple: They were just born that way!  These characters were only limited by the expansive imagination of their creator Stan Lee.  He could take X-men storylines anywhere!
One of the main topics that the X-men regularly breech with readers is that of discrimination.  Here we have a group of people, who happen to have been born with a genetic mutation, that need to find solace and acceptance in each other because the outside world cannot and will not understand them.  Some mutants appear normal and can assimilate into society to a degree.  Others have an aberrant appearance and are forced to hide away.
Take Nightcrawler for example. 



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