Humble Heroes

We all have talents, gifts and abilities.  Part of the joy of life is finding out what you’re good at and figuring out how to get paid for doing it.  Although, if you enjoy what you do enough, you would do it whether or not a check were attached.  As humans, we like to engage in activities that we are good at.  It feels good to excel and bad to struggle…that just makes sense.  What happens when we, or our kids, begin to go beyond talent and enter into egoism?  How can we encourage them in their skills, while keeping them away from boasting?  How do you teach humility anyway?
In one of the many iterations of Spider-Man in Saturday morning cartoon format, Spidey, as mild-mannered high school student Peter Parker, decides to support his friend Harry and together they try out for the football team.  Peter has superhuman skills.  If he can handle supervillains, he can certainly handle football players.  He shines on the field and impresses everyone.


Marital Struggles, Part 2

“A sensitive answer turns back wrath, but an offensive word stirs up anger.” -Proverbs 15:1
Fourth: Speak of your struggles only to those who support your marriage. Resist the desire to “bleed” on others around you, telling them how hard you have it and how difficult your spouse has been. This is so easy to do, as you get justification for your pain, and you can feel validated. But resist! Only speak of your marriage struggles just to anybody. Find someone you can talk to who can be your support. Someone who is strongly committed to the success of your marriage, who will NOT join with you in tearing down your spouse, but who will call you to “man up” and strive to continue doing the right thing. This is not someone you can badmouth your spouse to, but a person who will help you see how you can behave better, regardless of what your spouse does. This may mean a frank conversation with someone you want to be your support, something like, “Man, I need someone to talk to about my marriage, but I got to have someone who will help my marriage. Would it be OK if we talked from time to time, but I need you to always steer me back to doing what helps my marriage. Don’t let me ever play a victim!”



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