The Master’s Card

During this summer season of travel and vacations, our credit cards get well used. Hotels, entrances, restaurants and, of course, hefty gas bills. We’re all after those things that money can’t buy: rest, relaxation, family, exciting experiences, shopping, getting away from it all, getting to where we always wanted to go, doing new things, spending time and attention with those whom we love and care about. The commercial comes to mind “There are some things money can’t buy; for everything else there’s MasterCard.” We’re after those things that another commercial, after tallying up the cost of various expenses, labels as “priceless.”


Looking For a Job?

Think back a few years…remember when people would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up?  Maybe people are still asking… Those were the days of endless possibilities.  Imagination reigned supreme and the worries of reality were nowhere to be found.  My generation was raised to believe that we could be anything we wanted to be and that a college degree was prerequisite to success.  Of course few of us stopped to think through what success might really entail. 

I wanted to be a mailman.  I know, I know, goals and all that… But, hey, it’s what my dad did.  He got to drive a cool vehicle and get paid for it!  What could be better?  Over the years, somehow my dad procured a broken down old mail truck that sat in our yard.  It may not have proven to be very useful, but as a playground for a young kid and his sister, it was amazing.  We had many car chases, races and shoot outs with bank robbers in that old truck.



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