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The church is a place where we celebrate some of life’s most important times together. From baptisms to confirmation, graduation, weddings and funerals; we want to help you prepare a meaningful and memorable experience. Please call the church office at 651-464-5249 or email office@foresthillsumc.net for more information about how to plan and schedule your event.  Click below to get required forms for your event.

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United Methodist Church – Link to the nation-wide United Methodist website.
Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church – Link to the United Methodist website for the State of Minnesota.
Chuck Knows Church – Link to short videos that offer funny and helpful explanations of church related topics.

Worship – Love

“God is love.” -1 John 4:8
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” -Jesus (John 13:34)
Love. Grow. Serve. These three focus everything that Forest Hills is and does. They are biblical expressions of God’s character, and they identify God’s people in community.
God is love. In Jesus God perfectly showed His perfect love for all people. By giving the Holy Spirit to live within God’s people, we have God’s love in us, shaping us, and flowing out through us.
Worship is a form of this love. When we are connected to God in a loving relationship, God takes over our hearts, and we grow in our love for God and for others. It’s like we are the spokes of a wheel, and God is the hub. The closer we get to the hub, the closer the spokes come together. Likewise, the closer we grow to one another, the closer we grow to God. (Illustration used by Dorotheus of Gaza in the 6th century) This is how Love (God) works.


What’s the Big Deal?

I’ve been blogging a lot about the Biblical stance of sex being intended only for marriage. Many Christians believe this is what the Bible teaches, but don’t see it really as a big deal. Sex outside of marriage is often treated kind of like swearing. “You shouldn’t do it, but it’s really no big deal. It may not be best, but it’s not worth worrying about.” Those that do worry a lot about it are sort of ignored. Some, for sure, are gripped by a prudish fear, worried that any kind of dabbling in the “forbidden fruits” is akin to selling your soul to Satan. Others are bound to a pharisaic legalism, fearing that any slight infraction against God’s laws constitute a forfeiting of one’s salvation. Others take a more simplistic approach: “God said it, that settles it!” Not that there isn’t truth in these perspectives. To some degree, dabbling in sexual promiscuity is satanic, in that it does not champion God’s values or desires, and subjects people to sinful bondages. There is some truth to simply


Marriage is Good

Recently, I have been officially licensed within the United Methodist Church.  This allows me to fulfill certain duties that I could not before.  One of those duties is presiding over weddings.
To be candid, I was perfectly fine existing in a world where I would never have to perform a wedding ceremony.  So often weddings are full of fluff and nervous concern about things that do not really matter.  It’s the “big day”.  Months of preparation and thousands of dollars have been poured into one ceremony.  There is also the drastic rate of fallout.  Divorce is not only commonplace, in some ways it is expected, almost as though it is a life stage everyone goes through.  Statistics on divorce are everywhere and our culture no longer mourns the loss of intact families…it is now an accepted element within the landscape. So, for me, the whole idea of being part of a wedding is tough to swallow.  In my jaded view a wedding ceremony is a pre-divorce hearing. It’s not something in which I want to involve myself.



Outreach – Serve

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” -1 Peter
Love. Grow. Serve. These three focus everything that Forest Hills is and does. They are biblical expressions of God’s character, and they identify God’s people in community.
God gives us the Holy Spirit to live within us, changing us from the inside out. The Holy Spirit gives us interests, abilities, and grace, and it is through these that we serve God by serving others. What are the gifts the Holy Spirit has worked into you? We are gifted, you know. God calls us to use our resources (interests, abilities, time, possessions, etc.) to make the world a better place. God calls His people to invest in others.
One of the best ways to show love to someone who is a parent is to help her kids. Same with God. One of the best ways to show love to God is to help God’s kids. That’s all the other people around you. We are all called to invest into others what God has first invested into us.