We are not called to be consumers. Mature believers live an active faith through serving. This section dives into whether or not someone is serving joyfully.

Our church has identified service as one of our three core components of Christian discipleship. Service is done out of love for God and others. In our Methodist tradition, service is also a key method for Christians to grow in their own personal faith. Serving others is an expression for our love for God, a way we reach out to others, and helps us grow in our own faith. 
Service can be done both together or individually. Together you can join service projects, teams, or volunteer with local service ministries. Individually, you can do acts of service on your own with acts of kindness to friends, neighbors, or people in need through out our community. As you go about your day, keep your eyes open for ways you can help others, and listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. 
Rick Warren writes a great post on Why We Serve.
Forest Hills offers many opportunities to serve here. 
For opportunities within our community, try this link.
For broader opportunities, here are some resources from the conference