Worship is our response to God’s love. It isn’t just a weekly event, it is lived out in our daily lives. This section examines your attitude towards worship in our everyday life.

Why does worship matter? Here are some links to help answer that question:
One way to develop your worship life is to read the Psalms. The Psalms are the worship book of the Bible for God’s people. Develop a plan to read a Psalm a day. 
Looking for a deeper read about worship? Here is Pastor Andrew’s suggestion: “The Worship Warrior: Ascending In Worship, Descending in War” by Chuck Pierce and John Dickson. As God’s people boldly enter His throne room in adoration and praise, we are clothed with His authority to claim the earth for His kingdom! The Worship Warrior shows you how to ascend in worship and descend in God’s power to declare His will in your life, your family, your city and the nations.
Here is a link to Forest Hills’ worship page