The Great Commission is for every believer, not only those in paid ministry, extroverts, or those with evangelism as a spiritual gift. Evangelism is consistently identified by Christians as the most awkward part of their faith calling. Yet, evangelism is simply sharing with others the joy you have because of Jesus. It can be as easy as telling someone you will pray for them, or sharing how Jesus helped you through a hard time. Every Christian has a ‘come to Jesus’ story and needs to be ready to share theirs. 
Check out this humorous video for how evangelism can go wrong. 
Need help defining your ‘come to Jesus’ story? Cru Ministries offers this step by step guide
We have multiple resources for learning to share your faith with others in our library upstairs. A few of our favorites are:
Unbinding the Gospel by Martha Grace Reese
Unbinding the Heart by Martha Grace Reese
Being a Contagious Christian by Bill Hybels & Mark Mattelberg
There is also this booklet from the Conference: Courageous Conversations.
If there is someone in your life that God has put on your heart to share the Gospel with, here is a helpful plan.
  1. Pray for that person every day. 
  2. Go out of your way to build a relationship with that person, most importantly to start ongoing conversations.
  3. Ask God to create openings in the conversation for you to share God stories, such as how God has been your help in difficult times.
  4. As you talk with that person, listen for what joys and struggles they are experiencing. Offer to pray for what they have shared. Work towards praying with them out loud while they are with you. 
  5. Invite them to a church experience; Sunday worship, Wednesday night meal, service project or special event.
  6. Pray for God to create a time to share your testimony (‘come to Jesus’ story). 
  7. When the Holy Spirit creates the right time,  invite them to accept Christ as their savior. Here is a easy way to do that