9/1/2020 Update:
Would you please pray?
School started last Monday here at home with three varieties of schooling: home-school, online private school and online local school!
(I’m guessing the kids in your life have a similar story!) 
Thank you for partnering with us to help make Christ visible here in Central Asia

Christian missionaries in

Central Asia

We have adopted the “Tim and Kristina Lewis” (alias names) family, serving in central Asia. We cannot provide their real names, as it is illegal to be a Christian missionary in the area they are serving. It is illegal to be Christian missionaries in Central Asia, so we are unable to reveal their pictures.
Tim and Kristina are husband and wife, and have four children. Their missions work includes providing education and discipleship among the unreached in central Asia. They work through World Venture, and they have been working in Cental Asia for 11 years.
Most of their work is done in their home, as they open it to their neighbors for meals and discussion that leads to talk about the message of Jesus.
Their desire is to see God establish and grow his church in central Asia, by changing how people see Jesus Christ. Their long term mission is to see Central Asian families transformed by Christ into having a biblical worldview that changes not only their own lives, but society as well.
If you would like to help support Tim and Kristina financially, you can give or sign up to be a monthly sponsor through our website here, or at World Venture, instructions above. Central Asia has historically been closely tied to its nomadic peoples and the Silk Road. It has acted as a crossroads for the movement of people, goods, and ideas between Europe, Western Asia, South Asia, and East Asia. It i an extremely large region of varied geography, including high passes and mountains, vast deserts, and grassy steppes.
Islam is the religion most common in the Central Asia Republics. The form of Christianity most practiced in the region is the Russian Orthodox Church.
Emails can be sent to the family at someday@freckletune.net
Your gift will go directly to the “Lewis family” (Using alias to protect their identity. Gifts given are under aliases as well). Setting up a one-time gift or financial commitment for our Missionaries through World Venture:
Online: Set up an account
Click on “Secure Worker Giving”
Type Tim and Kristina Lewis
By Mail: Make checks payable to WorldVenture.
Write #683 in the memo line and send to:
20 Inverness Pl E
Englewood, CO 80112-5622
By Phone: (720)283-2000 option #6


2020 Mission Trip 

This summer our local mission trip was a huge success! Tuesday, we hit the ground running.  Our group of 12 (which included two teens who saw us working at decided to join in) started the week off working on the church grounds. We dugout the plants and edging from the front and installed new edging near the cross. Next we headed off to Dugdale’s home for some yard work help.

The next day we had a group finish off the church yard work while     another set helped out at Kids’ Bash. Then we had an afternoon of fun, we tried out some indoor laser tag!

Thursday we moved from those within our church or on our church grounds and went out into the community. We started by cleaning the grounds of five different parks in Forest Lake. Then we headed over to Community Helping Hands to help with sorting their donations.  We continued this work through Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon was the start of Forest Hills Church Community Care. We joined other volunteers and organized the food for Saturday’s      distribution. On Saturday we helped hand out over 240 boxes of food  to the people in the Forest Lake community.

Overall it was a great way to spend a week being the hands and feet of Jesus to our local community. We also want to say a huge thank you to all of you, through your generous donations and prayer coverage you made this possible.