Below is the missionaries Forest Hills Church supports

Central Asia

3/1/23 Update:
  • Book club is going great. Four students come weekly to study literature and discuss poetry. Each week the conversation ends up touching on God and His ways. 
  • We started a weekly prayer group in our home which has been a delight.
  • On March 14, Tim and a young man from church will begin a weekly men’s Bible study in our home. Please pray for the men who will come, for a deepening of relationships with one another and with the Lord.
 “Tim and Kristina Lewis” (alias names) family, serving in central Asia. We cannot provide their real names, as it is illegal to be a Christian missionary in the area they are serving. It is illegal to be Christian missionaries in Central Asia, so we are unable to reveal their pictures.
Tim and Kristina are husband and wife, and have four children. Their missions work includes providing education and discipleship among the unreached in central Asia. They work through World Venture, and they have been working in Cental Asia for 11 years.
Most of their work is done in their home, as they open it to their neighbors for meals and discussion that leads to talk about the message of Jesus.
Their desire is to see God establish and grow his church in central Asia, by changing how people see Jesus Christ. Their long term mission is to see Central Asian families transformed by Christ into having a biblical worldview that changes not only their own lives, but society as well.
If you would like to help support Tim and Kristina financially, you can give or sign up to be a monthly sponsor through their website here, or at World Venture, instructions below. 
Emails can be sent to the family at someday@freckletune.net
Your gift will go directly to the “Lewis family” (Using alias to protect their identity. Gifts given are under aliases as well). Setting up a one-time gift or financial commitment for our Missionaries through World Venture:
Online: Set up an account
Click on “Secure Worker Giving”
Type Tim and Kristina Lewis
By Mail: Make checks payable to WorldVenture. Write #683 in the memo line and send to:
20 Inverness Pl E
Englewood, CO 80112-5622
By Phone: (720)283-2000 option #6


3/1/23 – update
  • They are currently on furlough to connect with partners and church connections. 
  • Praising God that this is their first time leaving Honduras that their ministry there didn’t have to stop. They now have enough local support to keep it going while they are gone. 
Team Solheim in Honduras is the husband and wife team of Steve and Kelly. They lead a team of passionate Christ-followers. Made up of prayer warriors, church partners and supporters from all over the world, Team Solheim is a powerful force. And together we are discipling a new generation of leaders to shape the nation of Honduras for the glory of God.
The Lord took our love for board games and gave us a unique way to build relationships with young people. Now when we play checkers, we’re encouraging a young man to stay in school. When we play Jenga, we’re teaching a youth leader to listen to a teenager in crisis. And when we play Yahtzee, we’re helping a family come together after a tragedy.
Serving with World Gospel Mission in La Esperanza, Honduras, we’re working with churches, Christian leaders and young people to change the way we think about relationship, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and resource management―a biblical worldview that will transform hearts and communities for the Kingdom of God.
If you would like to help support Steve and Kelly financially, you can give or sign up to be a monthly sponsor through their website here
You can contact them here. 
Your gift will go directly to the Solhiems here.  
Letters or checks can be sent here: 
Steve and Kelly Solhiem
C/o World Gospel Mission
PO Box 948
Marion, IN 46952

Eurasia Caucasus

3/1/23 – update
  • They are currently working to gain enough monthly partners to reach their financial goal. If reach they will be moving in July. 
Craig and Christy Phillips are missionaries with Bible Translators. 
Pioneer Bible Translators exists to disciple the Bibleless, mobilizing God’s people to provide enduring access to God’s Word.
Currently, Christi is serving as a recruiter in the Midwest. However, Craig and Christi, alongside their children, are preparing to serve Bibleless people overseas.
You can check out what they are doing next here. 
Letters or checks can be sent here:
Pioneer Bible Translators
Attn: Ministry of Craig & Christi Phillips
PO Box 380820
Duncanville, TX 75138-0820
You may also give to these missionaries through Forest Hills Church. On your memo line just put their name or missionaries and we will disperse the funds to our missionary families. Thank you!