Keep Calm and Carry God!
Forest Hills is a community whose mission is to help people connect to God and to one another, especially during times of disruption, anxiety and recommended “social distancing.” First, we are offering to deliver food, cleaning supplies and toilet paper for those in need. Please call us at 651-464-5249 or email.
We are also doing the following:
  1. We are offering remote worship opportunities for this Sunday at 10 am. We will  make the service available on our website (audio), video message and Facebook page
  2. Grow groups (both adult and kids), confirmation and youth group videos will be available here on Wednesdays to do remotely. We ask grow group participants to watch when you would normally be meeting.
  3. We are sending out daily devotional videos to help us stay grounded spiritually. Use them daily.
  4. Easter Prayer Vigil will be done remotely, how to do that is listed here. 
  5. Our building remains open. Individuals and groups may use our building, at their discretion. Check with your coordinator to see if the event is still being held.
We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as necessary. Continue to check our church website for the most updated information. In the meantime, seek out creative ways to continue to be Jesus’ witnesses in our world. Right now, the world needs us more than ever!
Keep on and carry God!
In the peace of Jesus,
Pastor David
Love (Worship). Grow (Connect/Study). Serve (Outreach).
These three focus everything that Forest Hills is and does.
They are biblical expressions of God’s character, and they
identify God’s people in community.