Life Groups

What are they? 
Life Groups are for those who are wanting “the next level” after regular Grow Groups. Life Groups are long-term groups, meeting for at least a year, but no longer than two years. Groups are suggested to meet twice a month, but can meet weekly or monthly if the group prefers. Life Groups require a high level of commitment; a higher level of personal sharing, honest reflection, and being transparent; and a willingness to be transparent and held accountable to others. 
Who is involved? 
Life Group or Accountability Group is a smaller group of committed people (4-8) who meet regularly (at least once a month). Life Group participants are encouraged to also meet in Grow Groups when offered, and perhaps could reduce the Life Group sessions to once a month during Grow Group times. 
What happens at one?  
Life Groups gather for the primary purpose of discussing openly and honestly their personal faith journeys. The format of the group can vary, but the bulk of the time is spent discussing some form of the key questions:
  • “How is it with your soul?”
  • “How is your walk with Jesus?”
  • “How are you doing spiritually?” 
Confidentiality is a high priority of these groups, and it is suggested that early on the group adopt a covenant together. The group commits to love one another. The group will need intentionally to resist the temptation for the group to turn into a fellowship group, support group, or gripe group. This must be the work of all participants. Group participants need to agree about the makeup of the group, when it will meet, where it will meet, and if others can be invited to join once the group is established. Participants will also need to share the responsibilities of calling the group together, managing the time during sessions, creating safe space for everyone to share, holding to the agreed covenant, and preserving sufficient time for prayer.
How do I start one or join one? 
There are two ways to get begin a Life group. 
  1. Grab 2 or 3 other Christian people and get one started.
  2. Talk with Pastor David about being connected into an existing group. 
Pastors Andrew and Cassi are resources for Life Groups and are willing to provide support as needed.