Worship Leader:
We worship about 80 people on Sundays in one worship service. We are a praise-style worship team which leads worship each week. It consists of several rotating volunteers. The worship team currently rehearses Wednesday evenings for an hour and a half (unless longer is needed), and Sunday mornings for an hour before
worship. We also host several special worship services, such as Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, and other occasions.
• A passionate heart for Jesus
• A growing reliance on the Holy Spirit
• A primacy of authority on the Bible
• A passion for crafting and leading worship experiences
• An ability to incorporate meaningfully both traditional and new components of worship
• Visioning to lead the congregation in continuing to develop worship that makes sense to those who are already a part of the congregation as well as those who are not yet a part of it
• Discerning the personality and style of the congregation
• A command of worship arts and technology
• Leading and developing volunteers and paid musicians
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to maintain healthy and motivating relationships with Pastors, Ministry Leadership and volunteers
• A willingness to learn from the senior pastor and other mentors
• Plan and design worship slides on ProPresentor

Salary: Based on experience

Schedule/Time Commitment:
  • Approx. 5-8 hrs. per week.
  • 1 rehearsal and weekend worship service
  • Position will be in direct supervision of the Senior Pastor and Staff-Parish Relations Lead.
To apply for either position email office@foresthillsumc.net with your resume and cover letter.