Why Do We Buy That? – Jumping in Scum

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Sermon Notes

Matthew 9:9-13  
Why do commercials work on us? They offer satisfaction, meaning, and value in something we can buy. But we know better! Only Jesus offers the path of truly abundant life. Pastor David is back in September and will lead with a message series using commercial ads, “Why Do You Buy That?” We’ll uncover the ways we lose our focus amid the swirling media of advertising. We’ll expose our vulnerability to temptation, and we’ll get grounded again what really satisfies all the deep, inner longings of life. Our world creates a never-ending cycle of always needing that one more thing to be accepted or happy. Our church (Religion) tells us we just need to do that one more thing to be good enough. Jesus just says come! We “buy” this because we realize that we really are scum! Commercials prick this realization. Yet the answer isn’t buying their product, it’s turning to Jesus.